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Free fishing from the garden on the R Thurne United Kingdom

Moonriver from R Thurne
Moonriver from R Thurne

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Property Description

Our riverside holiday home is situated on the banks of the River Thurne. We are surrounded by open countryside with the front directly overlooking the river with uninterrupted views, both back and front, across open farmland. The only buildings that you can see from the holiday home are very old windmills. We are in a National Park / Nature Reserve where the owners have logged seeing over 40 species of birds in the immediate vicinity.

The self catering holiday home is situated over a mile upstream of the notoriously small and ancient bridge at Potter Heigham, Norfolk Broads. Fortunately the bridge prevents the larger hire craft from coming to Martham so the river is much quieter and less commercialised here. From the holiday home the river leads up to Martham and Somerton Broad, besides Kendal Dyke to Heigham Sounds and the finest sailing and fishing in Hickling Broad and Horsey Broad.

The surrounding fields are Nature Reserves or sheep pasture.

Our self catering holiday rental cottage is available all year round for a vacation ranging from a short break / weekend break to a week or mores stay. I am sure that you like us will want to return to our self catering holiday cottage on the Norfolk Broads.

The small, red roofed hut that can be seen across the fields is used by local eel fishermen who have "Ancient Rights" to fish in the area.


Moonriver Cottage is a river front self catering holiday cottage which is approached via a flat concrete path 50 yards from the car park.

Moonriver Cottage is the personal self catering holiday home of its owner, it has been recently fully refurbished. It sleeps 4 / 6 people and is a great location for fishing, sailing, boating, beach, water sports, walking, bird watching, cycling, horse riding and relaxing holidays, or those wishing to explore Norfolk. Moonriver Cottage is a self catering holiday home which gives you a great base to explore the Norfolk Broads, the coast and sand dune beaches. There are a considerable number of past times to enjoy such as sailing, canoe, beaches, swimming, golf, fishing, walking, National Trust houses, National Park, horse riding, Norwich, Great Yarmouth and gardens, etc. The coastal sand dunes can be seen glistening on the horizon.


The Lounge enjoys spectacular panoramic views over the River Thurne and Norfolk Broads National Park with the sand dunes glistening in the sunshine on the horizon. You can almost go fishing from the Lounge as you can see you float from their.

The cottage has a 3 piece suite, large colour television, VHS video recorder, Freeview digital TV receiver, Sky dish & twin cable so you can bring your own Sky+ box or Sky box, a selection of videos & books, dining table & chairs, electric heater, radio, a heater / dehumidifier and electric fires. Their is a sofa bed and put you up bed.

We have provided a variety of books and details of visitor attractions for your enjoyment.


The kitchen also enjoys wonderful views of the River Thurne and the Norfolk Broads National Park, it enables you to enjoy your self catering holiday cottage. It has a range of modern cupboards and electric ceramic hob, fan oven, grill, fridge with freezer compartment, microwave, sink, cupboards, hot water heater, cutlery, crockery, kitchen utensils, iron, ironing board, etc. All the cutlery and crockery are matching sets.


The main bedroom also has views of the River Thurne and Norfolk Broads National Park. It has a King size bed, wardrobe, large dressing table, chest of drawers, electric heater, radio alarm clock, hair dryer, rocking chair, two mirrors, two bedside cabinets and bedside lights.


The second bedroom has views over farmland. It has a large bunk bed with wardrobe, chest of drawers, electric heater and bedside light.


The shower / toilet room has a double sized shower cubicle with electric shower 10.5Kwh, flush toilet, sink H&C water, electric fan heater, electric towel rail, large mirror, shaver point.


There is a small garden on the riverbank of the River Thurne which is 60` wide with space for 3/4 fishermen, with lawn and trees, we enjoy uninterrupted panoramic views and the sun from late morning to sunset! The whole family can enjoy their holiday in this peaceful location. Most of the garden has non slip decking made from recycled plastic bottles so it doesn`t splinter, the gaps between each board are 4mm. We have left the other side of the boat dyke as lawn.

We have erected a large tackle store which has a bait fridge, light, power point, bait tables, ground bait buckets, etc. It is locked with three padlocks but we do not take responsibility for anything kept inside the tackle store. We have also placed a 500 watt floodlight on the holiday cottage which illuminates the garden and river using a switch in the Lounge.

The garden is great for bird watching, you might like to buy some bird feeders from Lathams and watch to 40+ varieties coming to feed.

Their is a wellington boot rack by the river door.


50 yards along a flat concrete path is a car park, please park on the right hand side, East, near the brick pumping station. This path is not illuminated.


The boatyard`s slipway, adjacent to the car park, may be used for a fee charged by the boatyard - Martham Boat Developments.


Small dinghies, or inflatables belonging to the chalet tenants may be pulled out onto the lawn. Larger craft may be moored on the river frontage at your own risk, please use fenders on both sides of your boat.

A wide variety of boats can be hired at the local boatyard - Martham Boat Developments.


Our boats are not for hire, and are not included in the attached Hire Charge.

Diesel / elecric Day Boats, sailing boats and dinghies may be hired from the local boatyard - Martham Boat Developments. May I recommend that you pre book your day boat asap no matter what time of year you are visiting Moonriver holiday cottage, even in Nov. they are fully booked.


The following freshwater fish can be caught from the garden of the chalet: Bream, Roach, Rudd, Carp, Pike, Perch, Ruff, Eels, Tench and the very occasional Trout. Pike of 42 & 36 lbs have been caught locally. The best fish from the garden have been, Bream 9+lbs, Carp 10lbs, Pike 26 lbs, Roach 2.3 lbs, Perch 1.5 lbs, Gudgeon 3ozs, etc. This year fishermen have caught 100 lbs bags of Bream every evening from our garden.

Some of the best fishing is during "slack water", during the hour that the river stops moving when the High or Low tide is at its peak, slack water occurs four times per day. The sea / salt water does not reach our section of the River Thurne as we are at its head water, but the river rises / falls up to 18" as you will see on the river bank piles.

The closest fishing tackle shop is `Lathams` of Potter Heigham, this can definitely be classified as a `Fishing Tackle Paradise` as it stocks everything from fresh and frozen baits to rods, reels and accessories - the prices are very good. Great baits are lob worm, canned sweet corn and bread flake, please do not keep you baits inside our holiday home as a bait fridge is kept in the garden tackle store.

In Feb. 2007 we built a fishing tackle store, 8` x 4` x 4`, which is large enough to take all your rod bags, tackle boxes, ground bait buckets, suitcases, etc. It also has a bait fridge with freezer compartment, and a light on a double power socket. This facility is in the garden so as to make it easier for you to access your fishing tackle at any time day or night. It has 2 padlocks to help protect your items. We have also installed a 500 watt flood light which will illuminate the garden and river should you wish to use it. A past visitor has very kindly left 2 swing bins for ground bait.

We improve our holiday home every year so that sailors, birdwatchers, fishermen, walkers, holidaymakers, etc will enjoy their holiday and want to return. If we don`t offer what you want please tell us and we will try and offer it in future!

Kendal Dyke, White Lees, Martham Floating Bridge Pool, Martham Board and other excellent fishing marks are within a few minutes of the chalet, all of which regularly feature in the Angling Press.

Coarse Fishing Season

National coarse fishing season 16 June to 15 March inclusive on all flowing waters / rivers.

This is the National fishing season restriction on all flowing rivers, however you can fish all year round on some still waters / lakes, subject to owners rules. Martham Pits are just down the path and can be fished using a day ticket 12 months p.a.

The fishing on the River Thurne is free but you will need a national rod licence.

Trout Fishing Season

1 April - 29 October


A simple but very effective method of fishing from our holiday cottage on the R Thurne, Norfolk Broads.

Lift method

It is well worth while to perfect the �lift method� as this can be very accurate and achieve large bags of tench and bream.


The flowing water of the River Thurne and other rivers in the Norfolk Broads system will help you catch rudd, roach and chub.

Float choice essentials

Waggler - make sure that it is straight, anything bent, or that will bend with use is not good.

Alloy stem stick - a must for trotting as it helps stability.

Paint / varnish - Too much of either might make for a great display in the fishing tackle shop but will reduce its performance.

Colour - very important but remember that bright colours will not contrast well on certain water reflection. Think about different varieties of sunshine reflection and water colour and what colours will stand out.

Body thickness - when using a large bait you will need a larger float body. But when using a light bait you will want a thin tipped float.

Adaptor - Well worth buying and using. It make changing floats so much quicker, creates less frustration and less damage during the day to your fishing line.

Silicone sleeve - they are cheap, don�t damage the fishing line and make fishing float change easy and accurate.

Wind conditions - use a full bodied Waggler rather than a thin tipped one when it gets windy.

Luminous / chemical tip - great for night fishing.

Size does matter - when its windy use a long one as this will help to ensure that you can sink the fishing line.

Common sense - its not rocket science but you need to look at your tackle box before you go fishing, then consider the likely conditions and write a list of what you want. Don�t buy floats that look great in a fishing tackle display case, we all have those in our tackle boxes and they don�t catch fish!


Best bait - Casters, sweet corn, maggots

You might think that our self catering holiday cottage on the River Thurne at Martham, one mile upstream from Potter Heigham would never have still water fishing conditions. Well we do twice a day for approximately an hour each time.

During �slack water� at high and low tide we enjoy not only still water fishing conditions but also some of the best fishing of the day! If you can only fish for one hour during the day fish during slack water at night. Our holiday cottage is on the headwaters of the River Thurne, Norfolk Broads and therefore does not get effected by salt water coming up river, but the movement of the tide does effect it and depending on rainfall the river can change from a steady flow to still water for an hour.

When fishing for rudd and roach you can use a fine tipped antenna float. Its body form will let you use shot to lower the tip in the water to just the smallest dot which will then have the great benefit of detecting the smallest bite known to man. When setting up your fishing rig you must plumb the bottom. This will let you ensure that you present the bait just on the bottom after the rig and shot have settled in the still water. Be ready to adjust the float depth because in certain conditions the rudd and bream will take the bait on the drop rather than when it gets to the bottom.

As with all fishing you must remain flexible because the rudd and roach may change their feeding depth at any time. So when the fishing bites get slower think about what the fish might be doing and change you depth. It costs just a small amount of effort to make these changes but it will be well worth while.

Don�t disturb the rudd and roach shoal, always cast beyond where you think they are and sink the line with your rod tip. When using a new line drip some washing up soap on the drum of line as this will also help remove the chemicals that have been used when making the line. Floating line will be moved by wind, wavelets, floating debris, etc this will cause phantom bites and move your bait away from the shoal.


Best bait - lob worm, casters, sweet corn, maggots, trout pellet paste

The bream and tench on the river Thurne outside our self catering holiday accommodation usually feed on the bottom. So you want to be sure that your bait is kept on the bottom as the river flow will otherwise bring it off the bottom as it streams past.

Fishing weight choice essentials

Weight / size - depending on the water flow speed you will need to have a variety of bombs in your fishing tackle box.

Locking shot � to be avoided as they pinch the fishing line and create a weakness, this is what causes the majority of line breakages and lost fish!

Drennan ring � the recommended method to attach weight.


Best baits - maggots, castors, sweet corn, bread

Our self catering holiday cottage on the banks of the river Thurne is a great location for trotting as the water flow speed is just right except during slack water.

Alloy stem stick � a must for trotting as it helps stability. The super buoyant float is being dragged along by the water flow of the River Thurne with the shot and hook bait behind it, however when you create some drag on the fishing line the set up will change. This will result in the reverse taking place, ie the hook bait will be moving downstream first with the alloy stem stick behind it. The hook bait will therefore present in a far better way as it will wiggle in the current. Another benefit of this method is that you will make a more effective strike.

Due to the nature of the river Thurne, its bottom, depth, water flow speed and width this is a very effective method.

Place your shot at even intervals between the alloy steam stick and the hook presenting your bait.


Best bait - sweet corn, casters, maggots, stewed hemp/wheat

The Roach and Rudd found in the River Thurne, Norfolk Broads outside our self catering holiday accommodation can be caught using this method.

The straight large bodied waggler float can be set up with the line floating on the surface when there is little or no wind and the rig below the float being over depth.


Best bait - sweet corn, bread, paste, casters, maggots

As I said earlier the Bream and Tench on the River Thurne and the Norfolk Broads can be caught using the �lift method� during the slack water period which creates still water conditions for an hour twice a day outside our self catering holiday home.

Set your fishing rig up applying all of your weight near the fishing hook and use a small peacock Waggler float. What you must imagine when fishing is how the fish feeds in the conditions that are occurring at the time. When a fish feeds on the bottom it will be feeding nose down unless it is a barbell or similar fish which has it mouth opening parallel to the bottom. So when a Bream or Tench are bottom fishing its nose and mouth will be pointed downwards. Then when it takes the bait the fishing weights that are all near the hook will be lifted upwards and the float will also lift as it is not being held down by any weight. It is essential that you strike immediately when using this method.

As we all know Bream and Tench do not read fishing manuals so the float can react in other ways as well.


Best baits � lob worm, maggots, trout pellet paste, bread

We recommend evening / night fishing on the river Thurne and the Norfolk Broads, particularly during slack water as was mentioned earlier.

We have installed an external power point outside our holiday cottage on the River Thurne on the Norfolk Broads, however please remember that water and electricity make for dangerous situations and we don�t want anyone electrocuted!

Luminous / chemical tip fishing float, great for night fishing, a must have in your tackle box, ensure that you set your fishing float so that all of the tip can be seen or your eyes will become very tired and you will miss bites.

If you use lob worms at night you will catch eels! So ensure that your fishing rig incorporates a swivel buckle as that will stop your fishing line being twisted and make it easier for you to take one rig off quickly and replace it with another. If you plan on catching eels please remember to bring some newspaper with you as it is a big help when you are trying to hold the eel.

Property Information

Location:Norfolk Broads, England, United Kingdom
Map : Click Here To View a Street Map Of This Property
This Property Sleeps:6
Minimum Price Per Week:£199 (Currency Converter)
Maximum Price Per Week:£600
Nearest Airport:Norwich
Moonriver 31 Riverside Martham Norfolk NR29 4RG is available for rent every week of the year for short breaks or weeks The rental charge is per week for Moonriver self catering cottage and is not dependant upon the number of occupants We also take Part Week bookings during the Low Season or at any time of year if it is a late booking The price for a Part Week is 17th of the weekly rate times the number of nightsdays of your stay plus 25 to contribute to our additional cleaning costs We also offer late availability bookings of our holiday rental home please enquire by phone or email

Property Features

* Pets are allowed
* Children are allowed

Accommodation and Facilities Summary

BathroomBathrooms 1, Toilets 1, Shower Rooms 1
BedroomDoubles 1, Twins 1
Heat/CoolingElectric Heaters
DiningDining room table, Seating for 6 People, Dining room
EntertainmentSatellite or Cable, Hi Fi, TV, Video, Radio, Cassette Player
KitchenCrockery & Cutlery Provided, Microwave, Hob, Oven, Fridge, Separate dining area, Grill, Toaster
LaundryClothes Dryer, Iron, Ironing Board
Living RoomSeating for 6 People, Sofas 1, Armchairs 4, Fold Out Beds Sleeping 1
Local ActivitiesCycling, Fishing, Horse Riding, Sailing, Walking, Surfing, Water Sports
Local AreaQuiet Bars and Pubs, Restaurants, Distance to Local Town Centre 2km, The local town is Sleepy
LocationBy the sea, Distance to beach 3-5km, Distance to convenience store 2km, Distance to local restaraunts 2km, Distance to Airport 10-20km, In the Country, Remote Location
OutsidePatio, Parking, Garden
SuitabilityPets Welcome, Family Oriented, Children Welcome, Wheelchair accessible, Non Smoking Only
AccommodationAccommodation Type: Self Catering, Size: Compact, Changeover Day Sat
ThemeAway from it all

Contact Information

Name: Max Manners
Telephone: 44-1273-304010
Alt Telephone: --
Fax: --
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