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Considering Self Catering Accommodation in the UK

When considering taking a self-catering holiday in the UK, the most obvious question to ask yourself is what are the benefits of this type of holiday compared to staying in hotels or bed and breakfast establishments. The most obvious benefit is the freedom to come and go as you please. You will not have the worry of fitting in with meal times in hotel restaurants or worry about disturbing other people (or that they might disturb you).Are you an independent type of person? If so, self-catering is definitely for you.

Consider too, how much the holiday is going to cost compared to a hotel. Self-catering is great value for money, especially for longer stays, and for families and larger groups. The cost of the accommodation is the total cost and will be divided up among the number of people using it. So if a cottage is advertised for £800 and four of you are going on holiday together, you will each pay only £200.

Group Sharing
If a group is going to share the accommodation, what are the sizes of the bedrooms? Try to find out the size of the rooms and which one has the best view; things like this are important. Inevitably one person in the group might want a view of the sea whereas somebody else will not mind at all. It is certainly best to sort these things out in advance. For a group booking, who is going to be the organiser? One of you will need to book the holiday and arrange to take the money from the others and make the payments. Make sure too that everybody has taken out insurance for the holiday.

How far is the accommodation from your home? You will need to consider the cost of getting there. If several people share a car, this can work out to be quite inexpensive compared to trains or planes. Take into account the size of the car too! Is there going to be room for everybody's luggage? You don't want squabbling before you even arrive!

You need to think about how much space you will need plus how much time you intend to spend in the accommodation. Self-catering houses offer good living space rather than just a place to sleep. Smaller cottages can be ideal if you want to spend more of your time away from the accommodation and just want it as a place to rest your weary head. Are you the sort of person who takes everything including the kitchen sink with you, or are you a minimalist who just takes a rucksack with the bare essentials?

Do you intend cooking most of your meals in the accommodation or do you intend to eat out in restaurants. This will determine what type of kitchen you need. If you are going to dine out, there is no point in paying for a superb kitchen that you will hardly use. But if your intention is to cook most of your own meals, then you will need to have a look at the inventory. Does the list of items include the food processor that you simply cannot live without, for example?

Type of holiday
What type of holiday is it to be? Is it a holiday where you intend to pursue your interests? Maybe you want to hill walk or climb? Or do you want to sketch or paint? Perhaps you enjoy fishing or just outdoor life in general? Or you might just want to enjoy the lifestyle of the local community for the time that you are there. Or do you simply want to sightsee and soak up the local atmosphere? You will need to make sure that the accommodation you book is suitable for your needs.

Type of Accommodation
You will have to consider the type of accommodation. Is it to be luxurious and elegant such as a city flat, or do you prefer more rural country cottages? Perhaps you would like to stay in the wing of a historic mansion or you might prefer simply to stay in a seaside fisherman's cottage. You can choose to spend your evenings sitting by a log fire in a cottage in the country or you might prefer to be sipping wine on the grand lawns of a country manor house. There are castles to rent, houseboats, city flats, town houses, farmhouses and more. Some universities even offer inexpensive accommodation during the breaks. There is accommodation to suit every taste and every budget. The value, quality and choice available in the UK today makes your decision virtually effortless.

So, when considering self-catering in the UK, remember it is for just about everyone.

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